hey! this is kay, I grew up in hong kong, a city with a very strong discrimination against dreamers and a strict expectation of what people should and should not do - of what is right and wrong. certainly not the best environment for creative minds to flourish, but the antithesis of this became the basis of the vision for a brand i created with all my heart and soul together with my brother jing 10 years ago, Daydream Nation, we decided last year that it is time to take a break from business, so it is now put into hibernation for a while.

United Kingdom of Dreamers and Lovers, is an offspring of Daydream Nation, a platform where inspiring people with passion and dreams are hand-picked, and interviewed.  They share their story, their journey, their challenges and struggles, their pain and gains from what they do, and what keeps them going!  I seek to connect with, listen to, and share stories of adventurers, pioneers and creative souls out there; people who dare to go outside of their comfort zone to accomplish their dreams!

you can also find my recent drawings, artwork, and spontaneous notes in KAY'S ROOM!

i am open to commissions and collaborations of all kinds, write me at

see you around! 

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好深感受,由細到大喺香港長大,覺得這個社會對發白日夢的人有一種很嚴重的歧視,對絕對的對與錯,對創作人帶來很大的錯敗感。 十年前創立時裝品牌Daydream Nation,除了透過時裝講故事之外,更重要的是相信香港需要一個做白日夢的王國,所以希望通過Daydream Nation來捍衛一班追夢的,有熱情的人!

決定關掉Daydream Nation工作室,友人很緊張的跟我說:「kay,你看斷捨利的書沒打緊,但你也不至於要斷捨自己的品牌呀!」

品牌根本從來沒有斷、捨過,Daydream Nation是非常根深蒂固的理念,不管我這一刻是否用過往的手法去創作。刻苦堅持了十年的功夫是不會白費的,我曾經說過希望重拾當年讀書時期的狀態,要做番一塊海綿,吸收日月精華,唔係講笑架!

在北歐重新出發,延續我們品牌背後的理念的project叫United Kingdom Of Dreamers and Lovers。希望透過在世界不同角落,訪問不同充滿熱誠、夢想的dreamers,跟大家分享,將正能量發放出去。他們當中有成功、亦更多有面對過挫折,這些故事和經驗都帶給我不同的啟示。可以在不同地方找到一班志同道合的人傾談,令我非常高興,也會在我失意時令我振奮,是一種提醒。希望你也感受到吧。

我自己的夢很簡單,希望可以不停創作下去,周圍去收集一些有夢有火的人背後的故事,繼續感染更多人。相信只要有夢,勇於嘗試,絕對可以創造一個屬於自己的故事。我爸常說,"if you reach for the moon and fail you'll still land among the stars".


每次重溫這個由COSPACE COCREATE和Thomas Lee幾年前幫我們拍的片, 對我來講都好像是一個重溫初衷的練習。今天我希望開始這個United Kingdom of Dreamers and Lovers page, 可能可以說是Daydream Nation 的一個分枝吧,這裏没有產品,只有一班Dreamers and Lovers的故事,分享。。。 就是這麽簡單。



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