現今全球時裝工業一年生產1500億件新衣物。我們今天比20年前已多購買或消費上五倍的新衣服。而單單在香港,我們每小時正在丟掉一萬件衣服。我不禁想我們今天的社會是否瘋了?如果如Anna Wintour所說:「時裝反映我們的年代」的話,這是個瘋狂的年代。我可以肯定這種瘋狂或過份購物背後,是很多很多空虛、寂寞、沒有安全感的城市人。我們需要的不是更多衣服,內在的不安還是找心藥醫吧!

看着Christina Dean在Ted Talk 上激動的演說喚醒了我體內的一點什麼,我希望也可以像她站出來發聲。Christina Dean, Redress的主腦也做了一個一年的實驗,挑戰自己一年內至尊別人丟出來、捐出來或棄置的舊衣服,每天記錄下來,在網上社交平台分享。今天我要做的一年No New Clothes Campaign,分別在於我專注整理及重新看看自己衣櫃裏多年來累積了的衣物,是一個內省的過程。希望透過全面的整理、重溫、回顧舊有的衣物,重新認識自己之餘,同時間意識到我們根本已經完全過購物,擁有太多衣物與東西。當然,我亦會探討、探索一些可以買賣二手/舊衣物的不同有趣的渠道!

Christina Dean 給大家的意見很好:

離No New Clothes Campaign開始還有七天


The fashion industry produces about 150 billion new garments each year.
We buy five times as many clothes as we did just twenty years ago, clothes that are being thrown out after only a few months of wear.
Only in Hong Kong, 217 tonnes of garment waste goes to the landfill, which means we are throwing out 10000 pieces of clothing per hour. 
Have we gone absolutely nuts? If what Anna Wintour says is true, that "Fashion is a reflection of our times", this is a very horrific, depressing and crazy time, where consumption has gone out of hands, and is only used to fill the empty spaces in all of us. I cant' help but think, are we all that empty, lonely and insecure that we have to fill in the gaps and spaces within us with all this material on the outside?

Seeing Christina Dean talk passionately about how the garment industry is polluting the world at this unbelievable speed, really made me reflect and think, and also confirmed my determination to do this one year challenge, NO NEW CLOTHES CAMPAIGN.

Inspired by Christina Dean, founder of Redress, who also did a 365 day challenge of wearing only clothes that has bee dumped, discarded or donated, I will be doing something similar but different. This campaign I'm about to start is more personal. I believe that only through laying EVERYTHING out can I or we be able to then categorize, declutter and re-organize. It is also about re-looking at what I already have and accumulated over the years, do a comprehensive re-organization, refreshing and repairing any stained or broken garments, through revisiting old clothes revisit memories and stories. In the process, I will also ask different people to join me, on one week challenge or one month challenges of NOT buying new clothes. I truly believe that no one in this society needs any more new clothes, so why dont' we give it a try?

I think Christina's advice is extremely good, 

“I dress on the outside what I feel from the inside. Wear sustainable. We are all soldiers that can fight against waste and pollution caused by the fashion industry. Buy less, buy better. Always buy well-made, durable clothes, wash them very well, and repair them, recycle them.”
We really need to take care of clothes, we need an emotional bond to clothes, care for it, bring it back to life. Fall in love with your clothes. “
— Christina Dean


"You are what you wear" Christina Dean 

14th June 2016
day count down to the start of Daydream Nation's
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Photography by Luke Casey. from Lone Wolf Magazine N13. Lone Wolf Sheroes.